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Designed for (soul) purpose driven entrepreneurs ready scale their businesses and make a positive impact on the world. This 12-week program is a sacred container for a sisterhood of like-minded women to learn tools and techniques for success in their businesses and lives. You’ll receive group and 1:1 support through the program to design a growth strategy aligned with your unique genetic blueprint with the science of Ayurveda.​

This program is designed for the spiritual entrepreneur who is ready for a true deep dive into her mind, body, and soul biz. The work you’re doing is your soul’s mission and you have been following the call but there’s something off and you know that you’re capable of so much more. This is your opportunity to commit to creating a life and business you love.

*VIP Experiences are also available upon request.*​

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What My Clients Say

"Katelyn was an incredible business coach for the past 12 weeks. Everything was based in alignment with what I wanted, my purpose, and my potential. I discovered so much about myself and I feel more confident than ever about doing what I’m doing. If you’re looking to holistically grow as an entrepreneur or business owner, I cannot recommend Katelyn enough."


“One of the biggest changes is that I take situations for face value. I acknowledge and act, rarely do I take the situation personally. This is absolutely incredible for me.

For so many years I was someone who re-lived a situation over and over about how I shouldn’t have said or done or should have said or done that. Through understanding what aggravates my doshas and accepting them, I have been able to fully step into the woman I want to be.

Katelyn’s teachings are life changing. From her Ayurveda teaching to her business coaching. She will help you step into the woman you truly are. Fill out her questionnaire, get on an activation call, you will not regret it.”


"My biggest takeaways from working with Katelyn have been that I have the power. I can’t just float through life and expect things to show up, I do have to take action, but it’s not all hustle either. It’s a flow, an alignment, following and doing the right things. <3"


"Working with Katelyn and going through SABA was one of the best things I have ever done for my life and business. I was really scared to invest, as my life was in a really rocky financial state and had virtually no stability, but in taking the leap I was able to completely open myself up to abundance. Katelyn did more than just play the role as a business coach, she was a friend and spiritual teacher for me. She helped me leave my job and helped me find a new one while I grew my business. She helped me go from homeless living in my jeep to renting a home and moving states in just a few months, and taking my business revenue from $230 a mo/ to $11k. Because of her, I am a better coach and more tapped in human being. Reconnected with love and my higher purpose. Thank you for all you do, would do it all over again."

Kait Visser
Business Coach, Soulfully Empowered Podcast