Katelyn Annemarie

1:1 Ayurvedic Business Coaching

A program designed for the spiritual entrepreneur who is ready for a true deep dive into her mind, body, and soul biz.


Are you craving more?

Maybe you feel stuck and are tired of doing it alone.
Maybe your mind is running circles.
Maybe you feel burnt out and want to master your energy.
You want balance. Ease. Flow.
You want to own a business without feeling owned by it.
You don't need to sacrifice your wellbeing in the pursuit of your big vision.
1:1 Ayurvedic Business Coaching supports you in creating energetic alignment and a natural flow to success where you feel energized and confident in the direction of your dreams.


Here's the truth about entrepreneurship...

The reason why entrepreneurs struggle isn't because of the algorithm or the marketing strategy... It's because they're working against their own unique path to success. You have a natural flow to success that is unlike anyone else's. The answers are within you, not in the web design or the perfectly printed business cards.
This program will help you take aligned actions that will catapult you forward into your big vision. We dive deep into your vikruti (the imbalance of your doshas according to Ayurveda), which are what causes fear, anxiety, fogginess, fatigue, and all the other symptoms that slow entrepreneurs down or stop them in their tracks before they reach success.

Stand in your role as an empowered, aligned leader.

You deserve a business that LIGHTS YOU UP and the world is waiting for your light. This intimate support is designed to help you create catalysts unique to YOU so that you can embody the big vision you've day dreamt about for years.

Your intuition led you here…

Let’s find out why. Apply below, I’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours.