Katelyn Annemarie

Diversity & Inclusion

To change the world, we do so TOGETHER.

Our team rallies around the single purpose of making this world a better place by empowering ALL womxn to lead soul-aligned businesses.

We have a zero-tolerance policy for debating the life, voice, or heart of another human due to their pronouns, skin, religion, sexual orientation, background, race, ethnicity, disability, cultural experiences, life experiences, thoughts, and ideas.

We value inclusivity and believe a diverse and inclusive environment benefits ALL peoples; Black, Trans, LGBTQ+, indigenous, POC, and individuals who have cognitive and/or physical disabilities.
Embracing diversity only enhances our work and learning environments. It fosters innovation, new ideas, unique perspectives, and success.

Each person brings something unique and valuable to the space and we believe that everyone, no matter what their background or circumstances may be, is capable of changing the world.
Our mission is to support womxn as they impact the greater good.