Katelyn Annemarie

Katelyn’s mission is to help entrepreneurs  change the world with their work. 

Infusing the science of Ayuverda into business coaching


We each have a natural path to success that we can align with. 

We are each here for a specific reason that aids in healing the collective.

Katelyn infuses the science of Ayurveda into business coaching to help Healers all over the world create successful businesses. See, success isn’t outside of you… it’s in your DNA. We amplify it with your daily routine, work schedule, habits, strategy, and business processes.

What blocks most people from their goals are the symptoms of a dosha imbalance, which may arise as anxiety, hustle, or lack of clarity. As clients learn to identify the subtle symptoms, they can self-heal and create a direction in alignment with their highest intentions.

With years of marketing, studying yoga, and being a business owner herself, Katelyn enjoys guiding other’s to their big dreams and helping them make more income and impact with the work they love.

Learn to scale to success by seeing through the eyes of Ayurveda

Inside of these powerful programs, entrepreneurs develop strategies, systems, and invaluable skill sets which allow them to serve their light at a higher level, scale their business to 6-figures, and change the world around them by doing the work they LOVE.

Katelyn now offers in-person experiences such as VIP days (upon request) and retreats. 

Her signature group coaching program, which has helped dozens of women launch and scale their businesses, the Soul Aligned Business Academy is a virtual, intimate container available by application only.

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If you are feeling stuck in your growth process or energetically blocked from receiving soulmate clients…

To work with Katelyn and create magnetic marketing that moves the masses, click through to visit her two programs, 1:1 Ayurvedic Business Coaching and the Soul Aligned Business Academy.